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Product Information

Intermap's NEXTMap Web-Services provide you online access to Intermapis Digital Elevation Design (DEM) data which includes Electronic Landscape (DTM) and Digital Floor (DSM) versions. This shows the months the geography assistance has been effective around the value along with the portal. Ground solutions may be cancelled at any time (though they are incurred by 30 days). As an example, let's imagine you intend to present highrisk fire locations including tough mountain or canyon ground with competent firefighting services. Using canyon neighborhood example and the hill, market your companies to equivalent towns for the reason that region that is standard. There's also details about your computer equipment and application that's immediately collected by Landscape Energy Limited. These details can include: accessibility times, visitor type, domains, your IP address and referring site addresses.

Included in this improvements, we have edited the pricing model for hosting custom ground services. This post explains of publishing a custom landscape company within the VentusAR website and the new payment design the procedure. Billing for custom geography information will be accomplished to the first of the month for the past month payment in defaults. You will be billed a flat price for every single thirty day period (or element of) which you have custom landscape data located within the VentusAR portal.

Your personal data to use the Landscape Electricity Limited site and provide the companies you have required is collected and uses by terrain Energy Limited. Terrain Limited uses your individually identifiable data to tell you of additional services or products available from Terrain Electricity Constrained and its affiliates. Ground Energy Limited may contact you via studies to conduct study about your opinion of present solutions or of probable new companies that could be presented.

Readers to Intermap Webservices could access the company's 3D landscape info utilizing their existing web-browsers, through pc software like ArcGIS, Global Mapper or SocetGXP, or via an application that leverages the Intermap Web-Services application programmers system (SDK). VentusAR customers have always been able to utilise a pre-loaded custom ground data. With VentusAR v2.1 we have added self service efficiency for the site to permit user handle and to transfer their very own terrain companies.

Note: Ground Electricity Limited doesn't examine any of your communications that are exclusive. Ground Energy Limited encourages you to review Web sites' privacy statements you choose to link to from Ground Energy Restricted so that you employ, can understand how these the web temporary roadway sites obtain and discuss your data. Terrain Energy Limited is irresponsible for the claims or additional content on Net sites outside Web sites' Landscape Power Limited and Landscape Electricity Minimal category. Geography Energy Limited lease or lease, doesn't promote its client listings.